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Compilation Engagements (Notice to Readers)


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​​Not everyone requires a review engagement as part of their annual reporting, but in some cases it is a good idea

  • You are growing, going public, or looking for investors.
  • You are considering selling.
  • You are looking towards an audit.
  • You have a manager running the day to day operations, but want to see a more detailed snapshot.
  • You want to know that financial reporting for your industry is followed so you have comparable & useful information. 
  • You are dealing with banks, bonding companies or lenders (who often demand them).

When needed, we assess your financial statements through enquiry, analysis and discussion to provide an overall indication of where things stand.  With a review, you will have limited assurance that the financial details are plausible for your business and that nothing has come to light that suggests otherwise.

Contact us today to see if a review engagement is right for you.

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​​From the Simplest returns to the most

complex, we would be happy to help

you and your family to minimize your

overall tax bill. 

Call today to book your consultation.



Other Industries We Specialize In:

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​​​Accounting is about more than a good set of financial statements -- it is about getting useful financial information and specialized reporting to help you make solid, informed business decisions.  We provide any additional information required, from a simple cash flow or a complete set of projections to other financial data that may be of interest such as ratio analysis, trending etc. 

Timely Results

We aim for a one month turnaround time for all reviews and documents, though this can vary depending on the state of information received, how quickly we get a response to questions or if this is a first time review.



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Review Engagements

​​Know Where You Stand Financially.

Understanding the unique characteristics of your organization is needed to provide the information your readers are looking for -- whether management or other stakeholders including potential investors, creditors and banks, bonding companies etc..

We take an in-depth look at your business and get to know you, allowing us to deliver relevant, useful infromation that complies with the right accounting policies for your industry.  It is about providing a balanced view of things -- looking beyond tax to the whole financial situation and to what is needed for future growth of success. 

Specialized Financial Information

Year-End Financials






​​Compilation engagements are a good resource for the basic needs of owner-manager reporting.  Managing the financials yourself, you should have a good indication of where things stand.  We can bring our breath of knowledge and expertise to further clarify areas of risk and begin discussing those issues that keep you up at night. 

As compilation engagements provide a summary of your operations, they are also useful (and sometimes required) for The Canada Revenue Agency compliance.